Below is our list of classes for T3 2020. 

What your Kids need from you
Dale Sheehy
How to make it work part time.
Jon McKenzie    view bio
Raising Godly Children
Jon Warnes    view bio
Relating to the Younger Generation
Logan Cates    view bio
College Prep
Prepare myself to Be Faithful in College (Guys Only)
Matthew Schmitz    view bio
Prepare myself to Be Faithful in College (Ladies only)
Morgan Lanza     view bio
How To
How to handle difficult situations and conversations (Ladies only)
Amber Kidd    view bio
Deal with tragedy and minister to those who have. (Ladies only)
Becky Willis    view bio
Be the Spiritual Leader on Your Team.
Buster Sides    view bio
Once Saved - Always Saved?
Dillion Bruce    view bio
How to stand firm on social issues but remain loving and compassionate.
Drew Scott    view bio
How to Minister to the occasional / unfaithful person.
Jonathan Orr    view bio
How to handle difficult situations and conversations (Guys only)
Josh Kidd    view bio
How to talk to your girlfriend about God. (Guys only)
Kevin Langford    view bio
Make my Faith Stronger
Sage Bridges    view bio
How to talk to your boyfriend about God. (Ladies only)
Susan Langford    view bio
What is Predestination and why it matters.
Travis Bookout
Important Things to Know
Sin and it's Consequences
Jeff Jenkins
How to Survive High School
Jess Florence
The Relationship Between the OT and NT
JJ Hendrix    view bio
How we got the Bible
Jonathan Crowell
How to pray and for what?
Logan Bruce
Did I Inheirt Adam's Sin?
Spencer Ross    view bio
Can I know that the Bible is God's Word?
Troy Rogers
How to handle conflict the way Jesus would.
Wayne Roberts    view bio
Reed Swindle    view bio
What the Bible Says About
Where's the band?
Adam Warnes    view bio
What part does the Holy Spirit play in conversion?
Anthony Warnes    view bio
How to Start a Bible Discussion.
Brandon Watson    view bio
Conversion Accounts In Acts
Eli Schnell
Taking Ownership for Your Faith
Ethan Myers    view bio
Why the Lord's Supper Every Sunday?
John Marble    view bio
Is Baptism a NECESSITY for Salvation?
Will Myhan
Andrew Ashley    view bio
Rick Williams    view bio