Friday, February 14th
7:00PM Registration begins
8:30PM Welcome and singing
9:30PM Keynote Session One: Reed Swindle
10:20PM Depart for housing/hotels
Saturday, February 15th
7:45AM-8:45AM Breakfast and Fellowship
8:45AM-9:30AM Singing
9:30AM-10:20AM Keynote Session Two
10:30AM-11:20AM Session A1
11:30AM-12:15PM Session A2
12:15PM-1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM-2:15PM Session B1
2:30PM-3:15PM Session B2
3:30PM-4:15PM Singing
4:15PM-5:00PM Keynote Session Three
5:00PM Depart for the evening
Sunday, February 16th
9:00AM-10:30AM Worship
10:45AM-11:15AM Combined Bible Class